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Benjamin Furman is a pianist, singer and singer-songwriter born in Santiago, Chile in 1991. He was born into a musical house, and his education in music began from early age. Since, various artistic expressions have awaken his interests: music, theater, painting and writing. At age 23 he graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston with a degree in Piano Performance and a minor in Composition. Benjamin currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, and works as a performing and recording artist internationally.

In 2014 Benjamin released his debut album “Desde el Jardín”, a half instrumental half sung project that gathered sounds from the traditions of South America (mainly Chile, Argentina and Perú) with Folk and Jazz. His second work, “EP: Luz de la Mañana” (2016) follows this line of traditional elements (South American Folk) but is more heavily focused on song form and poetry. His lyrics explore the landscapes of nature, desire, love, awakening and suffering.

Benjamin has performed his music internationally in festivals and important events in South America (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia), New York, Boston and Canada. He performed in “Festival Internacional Jazz a la Calle” (Uruguay), “Festival Internacional Jazz Lebu” (Chile), “VI Festival Cultural La Sebastiana”, “Boston Green Fest”, “Festival Internacional Los Vilos y Pichidangui”, and more. He has vast experience collaborating with musicians such as Tsidii Le Loka (“The Lion King”), Marta Botía (“Ella Baila Sola”), Tali Rubinstein, Paz Court, Benjamin Walker, Raimundo Santander, Franz Mesko, Tomas Latorre, Yousif Yaseen, Pablo Menares, Alejandro Pino, Cristian Gallardo, and others.

Parallel to his performance work, Benjamin has composed music for films, and has experience in writing (poetry, fiction, non-fiction cultural opinion). Also, he has been teaching private music lessons (piano, guitar, composition and theory) for 6 years.

Roberto Barahona (director of Festival Internacionalde Jazz Providencia y Programa PuroJazz) comments about Benjamin [translation from spanish]: “he is without a doubt one of the young Chilean jazz players (and other styles) with biggest international projection. He is a multifaceted artist that shines as a pianist, composer and singer, not just in jazz, but also in folklore, rock and pop, and other genres”

Rodrigo Aguilera (cultural director of Festival Internacional Jazz Valdivia, cultural academic and psychoanalist) says, about the album “Desde el jardín”: “it is without a doubt an alive and achieved experiment! His music manages to evoke finness and intimate elegance, as well as humor, movement and madness! I invite you to enjoy this album, which is truly an audible journey!”

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Desde el Jardín


Desde el jardín was released in May 2014 in Santiago, Chile. It was produced and composed by Benjamin Furman in parallel with his musical studies at Berklee College of Music (Boston). The artists in the album are some of the best musicians from the Chilean jazz scene.

The album was recorded in the living room of Benjamin’s house in Santiago. In the album we find a retrospective look to his own childhood and roots, which were transmited to him in that same living room, and in the surroundings of that same Blüthner grand piano that we hear in the recording.

Desde el jardín is a fusion of five elements: Jazz, Southamerican folklore (mainly Argentinian and Peruvian), Middle Eastern music, Klezmer, and Pop/Rock. While the album is founded in these traditional elements, it achieves, at the same time, freshness and autenticity of style, resulting in new and beautiful music; traditional and contemporary at the same time. The honesty and transparency of the music invites the listener to feel identified with his own past, his own roots, while he is taken in a journey between different sounds and places of the world.

In the words of Rodrigo Aguilera (Master in psychoanalytical psychology, coordinator of Festival de Jazz de Valdivia, Chile): “it is a contemporary necessity to produce fusions in music, however many a time these efforts fall short and denigrate the the original tradition of the musical styles! This is not the case of pianist Benjamin Furman, who, utilizing the legacy of many musics of the world, gypsy colors, arab harmonies, Latin-American rhythmics, caribbean cadences, and influences of our land… achieves a modern embracement through all the richness and complexity of Jazz! It is without a doubt an alive and successful experiment! His music awakens intimate elegancy, as well as humor, movement and madness! I extend the invitation to enjoy this album, which is an authentic auditive journey!

Benjamin’s career is launched in this manner, emanating from his past, his history, from the beginning, from the garden,which is the title’s english translation, Desde el jardín.

Currently, this album belongs to the prestigious chilean record label “Animales en la Via”, and during the summer ’14-’15, the project has been presented in various important festivals, including the “Festival de Jazz de Lebu”.




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october, 2017

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